Technical Solutions

Cloud Data Management

Cloud Backup Solutions
With advanced storage technologies, clients can be assured that their data is secure when stored with a remote, cloud-based storage system. Keep records secure and protected by transitioning to a cloud backup plan.

Cloud Email Migration
Evolve current email systems by migrating from POP/IMAP systems to a cloud-based email solution. Enhancing email will allow businesses to operate more efficiently by integrating modern technology

Cloud Managed Networks
Move network storage systems to the cloud to capitalize on AFScott’s advanced cloud-based technology solutions. Secure and remote accessible, the cloud offers a variety of benefits to companies.


Crisis Management

Business Continuity
At AFScott, our goal is to limit businesses’ operational interruptions due to technical difficulties with their technology system. The range of plans available provides protection before, during and after a technology disaster has occurred.

Disaster Recovery
Many companies cannot function if their network is down, system’s security is breeched or any other IT disaster occurs. With over 30 years of experience, the trained experts at AFScott can manage system disruptions at a variety of levels, effectively guiding clients through a disaster to resume business operations.


New Office Set-up and Relocation

New Construction/Pre-Electrical
AFScott partners with clients to provide a free analysis of their IT needs in new construction office spaces. Meeting in the early stages of construction projects is critical to ensuring that the workspace will be set-up with accurate wiring and all IT logistics accounted for.

Set-Up New Business Network Environment
Once our site analysis is complete, AFScott will advise on the hardware and software systems that should be set-up to create the most ideal and efficient IT infrastructure for the new office space. Our knowledge paired with advanced IT technologies will make the location transition seamless.

Software Relocation and Integration
Our team of expert technicians will work to ensure a smooth transition during the relocation process to avoid business interruptions. AFScott’s IT staff will work outside of our client’s normal business hours to minimize the operational affects.



More information is stored and transmitted electronically, which requires security measures to be in place to withstand cyber threats. AFScott partners with clients to understand their security needs in order to develop a customized IT security plan. Click here for more information on AFScott’s approach to cybersecurity.

Firewall Applications
AFScott takes security one step further by implementing firewall applications that limit access to the application by creating an upgraded security system. Each firewall can be tailored to meet clients’ individual security needs.