Support Management

Custom IT Packages

Custom Support Packages
AFScott understands that every business operates in a way that is unique to them. In order to have a complete IT infrastructure, each solution can be customized to individual companies by working closely with the IT engineers.

Home & Small Office Consulting
Regardless of company size, AFScott has the capabilities of tailoring storage solution to fit any type of business model, or even at-home office space. Clients can capitalize on the most advanced technology, while customizing it to fit their security, storage or any IT need.


IT Infrastructure Management

Managed Services
Companies that range in size from small to medium may not have the capabilities of staffing their own IT department. AFScott can operate as a partner with clients to consult on their IT needs to ensure that the company is operating with the most efficient and advanced technologies available.

Mobile Device Management
It is becoming common business practice to communicate through mobile devices, especially when employees are out of the office. AFScott can manage mobile devices to ensure that it syncs with a clients’ existing IT system, including email and network management.

Network Infrastructure Management
Partner with AFScott to upgrade existing IT infrastructures and transition to a more efficient, technologically optimized system. Services range from consultation to software installation and secure storage solutions to mobile accessibility.

Office 365 Management
Microsoft has an online, cloud-based interface that support a variety of Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook. As clients begin integrating operations with Office 365, AFScott can manage the activation and configuration with the Microsoft software.


Project Consultation

Complimentary Analysis of Needs
AFScott’s mission is to understand their clients’ business operations and current IT infrastructure. Performing a business audit will allow our experts to determine where there is a need for improvement in order to operate more efficiently.

Coordinate Set-Up and Implementation
Expert technicians will develop an intricate IT program that can potentially involve updating technology, upgrading hardware and transitioning a company over to the new system. AFScott coordinates transition from one system to another so our clients do not have to.

Ongoing IT Support
Once the new infrastructure is in place, AFScott will continue to manage implementation and support our clients’ as they learn to operate on a new system. Our technical support team is available to tackle issues as they arise to find resolution in a quick manner.

Return on Investment (ROI) Consulting
AFScott’s goal is to make our clients’ business technologies more efficient to ultimately optimize the way they do business. Our team consults on return on investments (ROI) opportunities to analyze the business opportunity.


Site & Software Audit

Hardware Purchase & Installation
In order to utilize the most advanced technology available, companies must invest in the equipment used in the office. AFScott regularly does a hardware audit to ensure that clients equipment is up-to-date and is not in need of maintenance or updating.

Server Configuration & Installation
Moving from one server to another can be daunting especially when all company records and information are potentially stored on the server. AFScott has experience transitioning companies from one server to the next by taking care of installation, configuration and implementation.

Site Assessments
AFScott’s team of experts will first meet with clients at their workplace to understand the current operating system and business model. Performing a site audit will allow the IT engineers to make knowledgeable recommendations regarding next steps for upgrading their IT infrastructure.

Software Purchase & Installation
Once an audit is complete, the team at AFScott will make recommendations when it comes to new software or devices, while keeping in mind the client’s budget. Once software is purchased, the IT staff will execute installation and testing.