Managed Services

Administrative IT Functions

Data Migration
In order to preserve electronic records while moving from one network to another, it is important to allow IT experts to securely migrate data. AFScott audits electronic records to ensure all data is properly transferred to the new network.

New-User Setup, Old-User Removal
Eliminate the wasted space of maintaining a system full of old user information. As employment changes occur, let AFScott update the IT system to ensure only current and active employees have access to the company’s network and databases.

System Administration
AFScott manages corporate IT systems so our clients can focus on their business operations and leave technology to our experts. From data security to network maintenance, our staff is available to support our clients in any way we can.

System Maintenance, Modification, Optimization
Partner with AFScott to maintain existing IT infrastructures, modify technologies and potentially upgrade IT system to a more efficient, technologically optimized system. Services range from consultation to software installation and secure storage solutions to mobile accessibility.

Vendor Management
Keeping track of vendors can be a cumbersome process, especially if you are a large company that has to pay vendors on a regular basis. Work with AFScott to set-up a vendor management system that will be a database for storing all contact information, payment history and more.


IT Security Monitoring

After-Hours Maintenance
In an effort to avoid interrupting business operations, AFScott will often schedule network and system maintenance to occur outside of business hours. Software can be updated after hours so that when employees are in the workplace the system has already been optimized and is ready for use.

Remote Monitoring
Unlike technicians that may need to physically visit an office to perform maintenance on equipment, AFScott’s IT engineers can remotely access servers and devices to assist with troubleshooting and overall system maintenance. Monitoring systems can also alert our experts if there is a security breech so the data crisis is addressed quickly to limit the damage.

Virus Eradication Software
Securing data and internal networks is essential to avoid information loss, confidential records being breeched and business operations coming to a halt. Virus software is essential to protecting networks against security breeches and AFScott is aware of all the latest when it comes to virus technology.