Home Office Solutions

AFScott’s expertise ranges from large corporate clients to small businesses and even home office systems. Although the requirements with each infrastructure may be different, our process is similar in how we gain an understanding of individual IT needs in order to develop a specific plan to upgrade technologies. Our experts can infuse your current IT system with new software and even train individuals on how to use the system. Develop an efficient and secure at-home IT system with AFScott’s help.
Take a look at how AFScott consults with individuals on their current IT system and analyzes areas for improvement.

Audit and Analyze Existing IT System

Before any technology upgrades occur, the experts at AFScott will review the current system to evaluate how it is being used and what type of software is operating to help determine where improvements can be made. Performance testing is often a necessary aspect of the audit to report on things like internet speed, level of security, etc.

Once a conclusion is reached, AFScott will provide a summary of all IT recommendations that they are making. This will include hardware purchases for computers and other software, which would be ordered and custom configured for each individual. Our technicians would work to install these upgrades to ultimately make the at-home IT system run more efficiently.

Experts Teach Clients About New Software

Experts in IT and other managed services, the staff at AFScott are knowledgeable about the latest technologies available, while also having extensive experience with working on a variety of software systems and hardware units. Apple, Dell and Verizon are brands that are dominant in the at-home IT industry. AFScott’s experts have received training to work with these hardware systems, in addition to Mac and Windows Operating Platforms.

AFScott’s experts have a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients. Team up with us to learn techniques to maneuver around new operating systems, which will help develop a working understanding of how the system works. Experts can train on almost any system, such as MAC, PC and other widely used software systems.

Home Network Configuration and Installation

Reduce the number of wires located at your home desk by setting-up a wireless internet connection. Eliminate cords by connecting computers, devices and even printers through WIFI. AFScott will install hardware to create a wireless office, while also analyzing the strength of the Internet connection.

IT system set-up does not always focus solely on computers. Due to evolving technologies, more individuals are using smart phones and even utilizing the devices as a business function in order to stay more accessible. Allow AFScott to set-up your device by creating cloud storage to back-up information, import contacts and sync various other calendars to this device.

Protect Electronic Files with Secure Storage

Personal files, such as medical records, tax information and social security details, require individuals to maintain hard copy files and potentially electronic records of this information. Backing up data ensures that if there is a security breech or network failure, copies of the files are stored in a separate, secure location so information is not completely wiped out.

Storing data electronically can be beneficial since it is always accessible and potentially easier to locate, but it requires secure measures to be taken to preserve confidential information. AFScott can work with customers to create a security plan that involves antivirus and spyware software to protect files from being hacked.