Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare is constantly changing. This requires that technology used to conduct medical business or maintain records be adaptable and able to evolve to support this industry to keep up with new regulations put in place by the federal government. When it comes to managing patient medical records, security is an extremely important aspect of electronic documentation. Not only is patient privacy a huge concern, but preserving electronic records is essential for daily operations to occur.

Take a look at how AFScott supports their healthcare clients’ IT solution needs with a full-service approach.

Electronic Health Record Systems and Security

More medical processes are occurring electronically, which requires physician practices and other healthcare companies to conduct business in a secure, electronic system that has minimal risk of a security breach. The government has laid out specific guidelines with it comes to managing an EMR system.

AFScott’s healthcare IT experts are well versed in HIPAA rules, certified in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requirements, along with being specialized in best practices for maintaining a secure EMR system. Our technology experts bring tremendous knowledge about the requirements and need for specific security measures to be in place. Consult with our healthcare IT staff to ensure your IT system is secure and protects records from security breaches.

Day-to-Day Operational Support

In order to create any type of electronic record, healthcare companies must be able to implement an IT system that works with their day-to-day business operations. Work with the AFScott healthcare IT team to implement an IT system and solution that compliments existing business practices and processes.

Once a system is in place, our support staff is available to maintain serves and troubleshoot endpoint devices when necessary. AFScott understands that electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, printers and any other hardware must be fully functional in other to gather medical data as needed. Rely on our IT technical support team to keep your medical operation up and running.

Federal Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare is a large field with laws, departments and other entities implementing regulations on companies, physicians and insurance groups within the healthcare industry. Understanding the regulations and successfully applying the standards can be quiet an obstacle for any business to overcome.

The healthcare IT experts at AFScott have extensive knowledge of regulations, and continue to stay up-to-date as laws change. IT solutions are developed, while keeping in mind compliance requirements set forth by HIPAA, HHS, HITECH, SOX, FISMA and more. Trust that our IT team stays ahead of regulations so our clients don’t have to.

System Disaster Recover and Data Back-Up Solutions

As healthcare businesses continue to rely more and more on electronic technology, it becomes vital that records are backed-up in a secure location to ensure that medical data is not wiped clear if a security breach or other IT disaster occurs. Work closely with AFScott’s health IT engineers to develop, securely equip and customize a data center that is the hub for back-up information.

This technology is essential to implementing a complete IT system, since it enables our clients to locate records and information. Use technology such as biometrics, failover systems and data back-up to prepare for the risk of a data disaster. This is one step in AFScott’s disaster recovery program that ensures complete protection of client’s confidential information.